Target & Range Sports

All of our ranges emphasize safety and fun. The rules may seem strict, but they are designed to ensure a safe place for Scouts to hone their shooting skills. Please do not bring personal firearms, bows, or ammunition Boy Scout Camp, there will not be any opportunities for personal equipment to be used on Camp property.

The Archery Range is located in the old corral area for the Bar-H ranch above the Old Bunk house.

Follow the road past the amphitheater and hang a left at the road up to Mountain Man.

The Shotgun range is located above the Camp Directors cabin and across from the Bear Gulch camping area. Listen for the Bang!

Troop Shoot
All of our ranges are available for Troop Shoots during open shoot times. Initial sign ups happen at the Sunday night Leader’s meeting. To check for open slots later in the week, see the Range Master. Limit 24 for Archery and 32 for Rifle.

Open Shoot Fees – Check the Current Leader’s Guide for Fees

  • Archery: Free
  • Rifle: 1 Ticket = 1 target, 5 shots per target.
  • Shotgun: 1 Ticket = 1 clay pigeon, 1 shot per pigeon
  • Black powder: 2 Tickets = 1 ball

Refer to the current Leader’s Guides for times or costs on all activities.


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