Royaneh has a large pool that is great for swimming and fun. Your Scouts are guaranteed to have a good time!
Mile Swim BSA:
Scouts need to be in good physical shape to complete the rigorous requirements of this activity.
Snorkeling BSA:
This patch is a chance to experience the pool in a whole new way. By exploring under its surface, you may happen upon the Narwhal.
Swim Instruction:
Scouts needing extra help with swimming skills can get it from the Trained Aquatics Staff. Just talk to the Director to find a time that works.

Polar Bear Swim:
Early in the morning as the steam rises off the pool, the polar bears come down from the mountains for an early dip. Prove that you can survive the icy waters of Royaneh and be one with the polar bear.


Merit Badge Information:
Must pass BSA Swimmers test to participate in ALL waterfront Merit Badges.

Refer to the current Leader’s Guides for times or costs on all activities.



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